Name: The Bellywheel.
Inventor: Vincent de Witt Huberts
                     565A 18th Avenue
                     San Francisco,Ca

Appl: ?
Date: March 10, 1999
Field of Search:?
Abstract:  A metal single piece frame holding a massive wheel  at its lower end ,and a  bowl top.
                     This bowled top is lined with velcro cushioning. The construction is intended to
                     improve the mobility  and comfort of living for obese human beings. The device is
                     intended to be placed under the extended abdomen of the user.
"The Bellywheel!!!!"

Claims: 1. The bellywheel will improve the capabilities of the suffering obese.
               2.The bellywheel will improve the mobility of obese people. At work, at home while rushing
                   for the refrigerator, or to the nearest all you can eat.
               3. It will extend the person's social capabilties.
               4. the belly wheel will allow the obese person to feel good about himself.