Home Audio System Projector

This invention is a projector built into a compact home audio system (commonly used with iPods) that will cast iPod information onto a wall or designated surface. Depending on the iPod generation data may include information such as artist name, song title, duration of song, album art, movie, or photos, or any iPod data that is selected during playback on the audio system. During the day when a room has natural sunlight the projector can cast information by creating shadowplay (or inverse information), but this is only applicable for information that contains text (not album art, movies or photos). When the room is dark the projector will cast information as normally seen on the iPod screen. The audio system's remote control contains controls for the audio projector such as monotone or glow color settings and other filters that alter the projection including the forementioned "shadowplay projection."


Patent number: 010101
Filing date: March 01, 2007
Issue date: March 11, 2008
Inventor: Robert Jarrell
Assignee: Apple Computers

Current U.S. Classification
353; 359




What is claimed is:

1. A projector that connects to a compact audio system that utilizes an MP3 or movie player such as Apple's iPod.

2. The projector cast information onto a wall or surface by retreiving data from the iPod. The information is the data that is currently selected on the iPod at time of play, which may include music, photos, or movies.

3. The projector is located on a swivel device that attaches to the top of the audio unit. The swivel allows the projector to be positioned at 360 degree rotation and has a similar appearance to the human eye to suggest seeing and visibility.

4. The projector can cast information clearly up to 25 ft.

5. The projector can cast text information during the day by utilizing a feature called "shadowplay."

6. The projector can clearly cast information such as movies and photos in a dark room.

7. The projector/audio unit has a remote control that has additional features that allow the user to alter projection colors, filters, and glow settings.


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