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I initially started researching theories of Utopia, which eventually let to Transhumanism, magazine design, images, icons, and technologies that may exist in the future.

Research Links
Online publication of THE HEDONIST IMPERATIVE that outlines how genetic engineering and nanotechnology will abolish suffering in all sentient life.

Transhumanism & Transhumanist Arts for the Future!
Site mostly aimed at Transhumanist art resources.

Accelerating Future
Good site on everything Transhumanist.

What is Posthumanism?
Essay on posthumanism.

The Singularity Institue for Artificial Intelligence
Non profit research institue in Palo Alto, CA promoting AI technology.

Nick Bostrom's Home Page
Website by the Director of Future of Humanity Institute. Good essays and references across the board.
Site of a "TransBioArtist" that appears slightly new agey, but still compelling.

Transhumanist Resource
A good site that provides information on a variety of Transhumanist topics.

The New [human] Genre — Primo Posthuman
Essay on how human nature and evolution will lead us to becoming humanoids.

Utopian Philosophy
Website affiliated with Utopian Now Organization in Maryland. Site includes text of 3 books about utopian philosophy.

Utopia Station Project
Posters created by artists and designers addressing utopian themes.

Patricia Piccinini
Webiste of Austrailian artist Patricia Piccinini. Themes of transhumanism and object-transformation abound in nightmarish scenarios.

Utopia Now
Article on utopian societies in India.

Virtual Utopia
Example found in game Second Life

Making a Living in Second Life
Wired mag article on making money playing virutal game




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