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Heterotopia Magazine is a publication from the future (year 2050) that focuses on Transhumanist issues and themes. The name of the magazine, Heterotopia, means "the other place." The logo I created for the magazine, the H+ icon, symbolizes "more than human" but is twofold as it shares the first leter of the magazine name. The magazines byline is "New science and technologies to enhance post-human mental and physical aptitudes."

Initially my research started with Utopian themes, but eventually evolved into Transhumanist ideas and concepts. I thought Heterotopia might be a good name for a Utopian magazine and after my theme changed I continued to use it because "the other place" still suggested "the future place" or "the other viewpoint."

The magazine as art piece acts to provoke thought about Transhumanist ideas. It doesn't necessarily judge concepts or ideas, but simply presents them. It is up to the reader to decide if they agree or disagree with the ideas.





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