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Overview of Magazine Design
This project considers the aesthetic design and content of this magazine as if it was published in the future. The concept of using old media (magazine format) to publish the subject of a future society and its technology has some irony. If the publication date is 2050 will there even be magazines in paper form any more? I have considered designing the magazine in some other medium, speculating how information would be communicated in the future. However, even with our growing love of computers and digital media I believe we will always enjoy the physicality of the book and magazine and so I propose that the magazine in paper form will survive because it feels better in our hands and is appealing to our eyes.

In terms of the visual components of the magazine I wanted to create an untypical format, not a standard 8.5 x 11, and decided on a 6 x 10 format which created a vertical page layout. I opted for clean, sterile, sci-fi, futuristic graphics and layout (thinking of films like Logan's Run, Gattica, The Island, Minority Report, as well as Alphaville and THX 1138 that often use normal settings and objects in unusual ways. I attempted to push the design as much as I could in the time period allowed for the project.

Magazine Content
The future magazine can have many features: advertisements for technologies that exist in the future, interviews, news, want ads, movie reviews, etc. I conceptualized as much content as I could in the short time of creating this and ended up focusing on three articles:


1) Pharmacopia: the future of drugs.

2) The New Home Run King, Or is He? A controversial transhumanist baseball player who breaks the home run record.

3) Altruism & Transhumanism: an altruistic AI promotes peace.

4) Vyatta Bio Communications Ad

5) Join the Transhumanist Ad

As I was considering this content I wanted satire and humor and even thought of The Onion magazine's approach.

In some cases, the imagery I found sometimes inspired the content. Moriko Mori, a Japanese artist, inspired OYEN 111, an altruistic AI, as Mori's image conjures a future being.

For one of the ads, Vyatta's "Art You Talking to Me" (which utilizes the image of Robert DeNiro and his famous line from the film Taxi Driver) to sell biological communication implants where the hardware and software is internal, I wanted the words and imagery of the ad to break the box and overlap with the content of the magazine. I attempted to do this in other areas such as page numbers that overlap certain areas of page design. The name of the company, Vyatta, also suggest more global enterprises in the future, this company name being of Indian origin.

If this magazine project was further developed it would be interesting to explore what context it could be presented in: a gallery, a bookstore, a magazine shop, on the Internet, a Transhumanist conference. Would the magazine be offered as an art piece without explanation, letting people figure out what it is on their own? Clues would be obvious, for example the date of the magazine is 2050.

For this project the magazine is 8 pages, but if this was to be a real art piece I would create more content or even invite other artists to contribute content and design.




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