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                      6 Principles of Sustainable Housing

    Our mission is to rebuild New Orleans with housing that is low cost, environmentally responsible, visually appealing, and hurricane resistant.  These homes are built with recycle or natural materials which are by nature low in cost and environmentally friendly.  Recycled tires are built into floating devices on the bottom of the homes, so homes will float instead of flood.  They will be tethered to supports so they don't float away are cause more damage.  
    These homes are heated by solar panels and cooled in the tried and true New Orleans fashion of high ceiling, ventilation fans, as well as ceiling fans.  Again in the long run this conserves energy and is inexpensive.  Large bay windows are part of the architecture.  This is aesthetically pleasing as well as provides natural light to conserve electricity.  Rain water, which New Orleans has plenty of, will be harvested and purified for indoor plumbing.  We hope these homes will be models for all areas rebuilding after disasters.