The Smell Gallery Presents :

"A Sensory Expierence of The Blind And Deaf"

Walk through a maze like gallery in complete darkness and silence.   Discover how smell senses are hightened when vision and hearing are removed. Headsets creating white noise will be given to particapants upon entering the gallery so you may expiernce the sensory expiernce in silence. There will be no light so hand rails will guide you through winding corridors. You will be completely dependent on touch to manovor through the gallery.  At certain places fragrences will be piped in, pleasant smells when you are going in the right direction and unpleasnt or dangerous smell when you are going in the wrong direction.  You must rely on you sense of  smell and touch to sucsessfuly get through the gallery.




Art as Smell; The Reg Vardy Gallery

The Odor Artist

James Auger: Smell Artist

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Beyond The Aesthetic Gaze

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