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Navigating the CIDR website you can find interpretations, articles, submit dreams and post or view videos.

Check out these  inspiring websites involving  many of the technologies that researchers at  CIDR are using in their projects.

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New Scientist

This article is on mind reading through the use of fMRI scans.  While this technology is viewed  with caution by many people who are in fear of having their minds read by the wrong people, others are quite excited with what it can do for science and in  the ability to recording dreams.

Binaural Sound Technology

Information on binaural beats and brainwaves can be found here. Learn how to to use binaural beats to synch your brainwaves and have improved relaxation as well as increase lucid dreams.

Society for Neuroscience

Sleep learning. In recent studies, sleep has proven to secure memories and improve learning.
Experts say that processing information while we sleep is crucial to healthy brain activity.

Study in
Animals' complex dreams aids in better understanding of learning and memory in humans. A study done with rats not only proved what they were dreaming about but also why they were dreaming.


This site, for the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, presents information on why people need sleep and why we dream. This site defines practical terms, such as REM sleep and sleep apnea, and emphasizes the importance of dreaming. It also gives tips on how to get a good night's sleep.

International Association
for the Study of Dreams

This site has great information on dream studies and aritcles as well as a place to post/ respond to postings about research projects and dream related questions one might have. It is also a place to learn about upcoming conferences held by them, etc.

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   Dream Views

 Explore the facets of lucid dreaming-- can it be mastered? Members of site freely explore and blog about their dreams for public viewing. There is much information on attaining lucid dreams, the stages of sleep,  and noticing  dream signs.

BBC News

Japanese invention for controlling dreams. This article explores an invention that attempts to actually influence a person's dreams based on images, sound, smell, and other  related factors. It is not on the market yet, but is conceptually quite interesting. I would not be surprised to see this on the market soon.