Current Project: Belle Nouveau a commentary on the quest in becoming the ideal beauty


cassandra wearing prosthetics
Cassandra Sechler, artist, Photo by Erwin White

With a background in sculpture, video, photography, and interests in feminist art and trunshumanist beliefs, Sechler has been devoting the last few years to her newest project "Belle Nouveau." In this project, Sechler has been drastically altering her body as a means to create what she considers a social intervention. Ever since the idea sprung up in 2010, she has been documenting all procedures, before and after, via blog, webcasts, journals, film, and video.

With willing doctors, personal trainers, as well as psychologists, use of plastic surgery, specially made prosthetics, robotics, and tattoos Cassandra has been gradually modifying her body. When asked by BITCH magazine's journalist about her controversial project, she replied: "We humans need to face the facts; it is time to join the technological playing field. I don't see anything shameful in what I am doing. Body modifications and cosmetic surgery have been in the mainstream for years (corset training, leg, ear, and neck stretching, foot binding, all-over body tattoos and piercings, cosmetic tattoos, body enhancement drugs, botox injections, breast implants, teeth whitening and lengethening, face-lifts-- the list goes on). If prosthetics and anotomically correct and functioning organ replacements can enhance our lives, then why not use them?"

So far she has had one eye replaced with a fake eye that can record video, her right leg was replaced by a robotic leg, and her right arm amputated with a prosthetic from Peter Jasckson's imaginative WETA shop in the making. She plans to replace as many parts of her body as she can with prosthetics or enhancements.

 She has also been having her tattoo artist, Phil Geck, help her design what they call a "new skin" for her. In regards to Sechler's body modifications, Geck said: " I love seeing the look on a client's face, after a procedure, when they look in the mirror. They have transformed, and they are proud of their new self. Cassandra is always ecstatic."

When asked by WEIRD  magazine if she is trying to become a robot and what she think she is trying to accomplish, she replied: "I am just trying to figure out what it means to be human, or posthuman for that matter."