The Experts
Alex : whats your name, rank, and where were you stationed?

Corporal Emilio Gallegos and I was stationed in Fallujah, Iraq.

: How was it wearing the military issued flack jacket?
Emilio Gallegos :Those vest were the worst pieces of (censored) ever. They were not made to wear in the (censored) desert! They are big and bulky and only cover your chest.

Alex: what would be the most idea armor for Iraq?

Emilio Gallegos: Something lighter obviously and something with more coverage. That same day of this photo I ran over a landmine and left me with two nasty scars one on my arm and the other on my leg. So full body coverage is needed asap.

Northrop Grumman Logo
Alex: Is there any new body armor projects at that Northrop Grumman in the works?

James Diani: Nothing with body armor but we are working on hummer armor and tank after market add on armor.


      In response to a series of violent crimes against schoolchildren and store clerks, a Japanese uniform manufacturer named Nihon Uni has created a new shirt that provides some knife slash resistance. The shirt uses a polyethylene fiber that’s three times thicker than regular cotton, and works in a similar way to body armor. Despite its rugged appeal, you can still throw it in the washing machine. The line drops in June, with the short-sleeve version going for $190 and the long-sleeve going for $220.

nihron uni