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what is Contexture ?

Contexture Inc. allows any and everyone to virtually own high quality pieces of art, ranging from master oil paintings to relief sculptures. Installing this revolutionary textured screen will allow you do what no other high definition or Blue Ray component will every allow you to do, feel textures. Originally invented to help art historian’s teach and learn from art not readily available to them. What inventor Alex Bargas has done with OLED screens is sheer genius and will change they way we watch television andlook at art forever. oled screen
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Sample Textures

Professor Bargas incorporated billions of fiber optics with OLED screen witch allows the screen to take the shape of any texture within 2 inches.
There are 3 starting packages.
  • 24"x 24" with install, $5,000
  • 30"x 30"                      $8,000
  • 50"x 50"                      $11,999.99

Platinum Package
  • 80" x 100" install not included        $21,999