Here are some new types of food generators

What have others accomplished?
A factory machine
655 Front Half Deboner Food Processing Machine
Wishbone cut
Drummette Incision Cut
WingTip Cutter
Carcass Remover

What did I plan to do?
My Food Processing Machine.
"Tri-Mercies Food Bank"

My Art Proposal:   Many people have two concerns about food.  Some people do not cook, and they live far from restraurants.  And the other concern is that the they want food that they make themselves so they can save money.  Our parents have cooked food for us to eat.  We wanted to serve them a good meal today because they have worked so hard for us.  

I have heard about the robot, "TwendyOne" from Japan.  I was inspired by reading about this new gadget's abilities:  He can serve people meals, wake people up, greet people, hold tweezers, hold plates, walk chat, serve toast, pull people out of bad, and assists the elderly. I watched the clips from a Japanese website, called the
Boost caretaker out of bed
Transfer caretaker onto a wheelchair
Picking up a loaf of bread with a tong
Carrying a tray with breakfast on it
Handing caretaker a straw

Although Twendy-one is not a food generator and is made perfectly for assisting the elders and people in the wheelchair, it is a robot that serves people meals.  From researching on Twendyone, it got me started on my research.  I found two areas that I can go to.  One is that I can create something that can assist the elderly or help the disabled people by making a new robot.  Another I headed was to create a food machine similar to the 655 Front Half Deboner Food Processing Machine above.  I felt that I can easier approach making a food processing machine rather than a robot because I only took Sculpture Two only.  

I was planning to make a food processing machine.  I may ask Kal Spelletich,, the professor that now teachs at SFSU, for help.  He only teaches Robotics and communication dealing with technology.   He built many good machines in his past: The cat robot, the wing machine, the drawing machine, and the hand machine.  With his help and suggestions, my food-making machine will work.

Before I asked for help, I researched some more about food processing machines.  The 655 Front Half Deboner Food Processing Machine is one of the machines that I researches to see what others are doing.  There are some sweet cartoon animations about food processing machines, such like the chicken one, in the website,  The chicken fell into a machine and the machine inside peels its feathers and legs out.  A box that says, "Happy Fried Chicken", later came out of the machine.  

I researched on some foods that deals with chemicals, for example Pop corn,  To make popcorn, according to, I needed a microwave or a frying pan, and popcorn kernels, butter and salt.  I read ahead that there are also snow cone machines, cotton candy machines, hot dog machines, kettle corn machines, soda machines, chocolate fondue machines that have been invented.  I felt like now it's my turn to invent one because I felt maybe I can help out others, too, by creating my own meal.

However, I haven't researched enough because I was still in the middle of researching on my favorite foods and how to make them such like Potato Chips,, and French Fries,  According to, I needed 4-6 medium potatoes and oil for frying such like vegetable and canola to make French fries.  In order to make potato chips, according to the, I needed 4 potatoes, vegetable oil, and slices like granulated garlic powder, seasoning salt, cayenne pepper, dried dill weed, and granulated garlic powder.  These are all some goods facts on what ingredients I needed for my favorite foods.  I was planning to include potato chips for my machine because I still remember the taste of it.  

I got something started:

I built a paper model for my project, my food processing machine, and it's something like this:

Movement forms:
Food Machine.avi
I haven't thought about what food I am going to gengerate for my machine, but in this drawing, I drew some ham, salad, and Potato Chips in its working process:

Movement forms:
Food Machine2.avi

I haven't planned the actual look of my food machine, but I will work it through.  I will gurantee that my food machine would work just fine.  

I am going to build a machine that generates food.  My food machine will be called my "Tri-Mercies Food Bank".  I know that my machine moves three places repetitively back and forth in arcs, so I used the word "Tri" as for triangle.  I choose the word, " mercies" to emphasize a disposition to be kind and forgiving such as a heart full of mercy.  Mercy means something for which to be thankful as a blessing like "It was a mercy that no one was hurt." I got this sentence  At first, I planned to use the word "Rasa", which are in Hindu aesthetics, that means a flavor, sentiment, or emotion that is regarded as one of the fundamental qualities of classical music, dance, and poetry in India.  I wanted some term that relates to the goodness of people, so that I can apply that term, in this case "divine", to my piece.  It sounds good, and it makes my piece more than just a machine.  Lastly, I choose the term, "Food Bank" because food bank is supposed to mean an agency, group, or center that collects food and distributes it to the needy, according to  I find this relevent for my machine because my machine is made to serve foods to everyone, including the homeless, flood victims, elders, the handicapped, etc.  

I am confident with my project, and I will start accomplishing my new invention this year.
My project might not be powered by electricity.  I can bring it to mars and still I do not need battery to power my machine.  It will be powered by rolling a spinn.  Whenever you need food, you roll  It will be as round as an ellipse and a shape like a space-ship.  It will function like a pot, and it will generate food much faster than a pot.  I serves food for seven to eight people for more than a week.  It produces food that has smell of any persons favorite food is.  It can smell like potato chips.  My machine allows other people to select flavor they like, for example, the flavor of salad, ham, and chips.  It produces a mix of vegetarian food, junk food, and food that has meat.   My food generating machine allows the food to be okay to eat even though it will not be heated.  It provides tastes of familiar tastes, such like french fries, and the foods are going to be easy to chew and digest.  

GuangPeng Tan

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