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Present and Future Species Detector  GuangPeng Tan

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Patent number: 5627518
Filing date: Mar.11, 2008
Issue date: Mar.18, 2008
Inventor: GuangPeng Tan

U.S. Classification
340/567; 536/221

International Classification
G08B 1318
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Patent Number       Title                                                                                Issue date           Filing date
5627518                  Infrared Animal Detector and Driver's Warning System     May 6, 1997
5994066                  Species-Specific and Universal DNA Probes and             Nov. 30, 1999
                                Amplification Primers To Rapidly Detect and Identify
                                Common Bacterial Pathogens and Associated
                                Anti-biotics Resistance Genes From Clinical Specimens
                                For Routine Diagnosis  In Microbiology Laboratories
7273719                  Test Media for Qualitative Or Quantitative Identifications   Sept. 25, 2007    
                                Differentations of General Coliforms, E Coli, Aeromonas
                                SPP Salmonella SPP Materials In a Test Sample
5121320                  System Reading and Displaying An Edit-Processed           Jun. 9, 1992
5721098                  Comparative Genomic Hybridizatiom                                Feb. 24, 1998
6581008                  Space and Weather Prediction System and Method          June 17, 2003
6159685                  Comparative Genomic Hybridizatiom                                Dec. 12, 2000
US 2004/0208343   Apparatus and Method for Using Biometric Information                                  May 7, 2004

Copyright March 16, 2008