Digital        Pollution
By: Chad Spangler



Proposal: For my instillation I would like to bring the ever changing climate to the attention of the everyday commuter. I am proposing to require that every car in San Francisco city limits be equiped with a GPS tracking device. I would then inststsall a lasrge LED screen in union square. This screen would consist of  hundreds of thousands of dots representing every car in the cities limits. When a car leaves the city limits the dot representing that car would disappear. The second part to my proposal would be the placement of another LED screen that would act as a counter. This LED counter is going to have a direct connection with the amount of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in San Francisco's air. I would be working with the Bay Area Air Quality Management group which is a government ran group that monitors pollutants in the air. When ever these levels change the counter would change. This is to show everyone especially commuters the amount of carbon monoxide they are producing in the city limits. The BAAQM monitors these levels in Parts Per Million (PPM) which is the number of parts of a given pollutant in a million parts of air. On average the CO levels in San Francisco is at a five. Anything over that is considered an unhealthy level.


The Global Positioning System, now commonly known GPS was designed, built, operated and maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense.
The first operationl GPS sattelite was launched in 1978 snd By the mid-1990s the system was fully operational with 24 satellites. It was only a matter of time before artists began to appropriate this technology into their work. The first practical light-emitting diode screen (LED) was created in 1962. An LED is a diode made of semiconductor material that glows when electricity is passed through it Although neither of these technologies were created for artists it was only a matter of time before they began to appropriate this technology into their work

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