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What is schizophrenia?
  Schizorpenia has been schientifically described its caused as too much brain cells communication using dopamine.   Its communication is supposed to be happening at the neurotransmitter.  Unlike dopamine, glutamate plays an important role everywhere in our brain. 

    However, some newer researchers have found that it has more connection with glutamate compared to dopamine.    Misplacing glutamate signaling is thought to make the disorder in human behaviors.
    The scene of a movie "a beautiful mind" express schizophrenia very precisel.  There are about 1 percent of schizophrenia patient, and most of them are disabled throughout their life.  Fewer than half of the patients get married or raise families.  Some 15 percent of them live in state or county mental health facilities, and another 15 percent end up occuring some crime vagrancy.  About 60 percent are poor, and one in 20 are homeless.  The patients need some social support.

    When some of their family members have a schizophrenia,  they are more likely to have this disease.  Stressful events in one person`s environment can trigger schizophrenia.  For example, during intrauterine development and birth can cause this disease.  Family support plays a bigger role for this disease.  I am experiencing that I feel much lesser stress when I have somebody that I can talk to as my family.  People who have schizorphenia often become homeless because they can`t socially function anymore.  I felt much better when my cousin came up to visit me when I got this disease.  I am lucky enough that I can still go to school and have my life with having support with people that I live with as my family.  People need family no matter who you are with.


The brain in schizophrenia

brain function description

schizorphenia patient`s brain

   There are three categories of symptoms of Schizorphenia: positive, negative, and cognitive.  Positive symptoms includes beyond normal experience.  Negative symptoms usually indicates diminished experience.  Cognitive, or disorganized symptoms refer to difficulty maintaining a logical, coherent flow of conversation, focusing on one thing, and thinking abstruct level.

    Symptoms of this disease typically appears before the age of 45, continuous presence of symptoms for 6 months or more.  It affects social and occupational functioning.  At first, the symptoms are harder to be awared.  The major symptoms are; feeling tense, trouble sleeping and baving trouble concentrating.  They get more isolated, and withdrawn.  People don`t want to see anybody anymore, and they do not make or keep friends.  This brings this disease worse. 
    When this disease develop, psychotic symptoms develop:

catatonic behavior
(bizzarrre act that keeps patients too happy and too active with their activity)
Motor disturbances
Inability to take care of personal needs
Decreased sensitivity to painful stimulus

Paranoid type

Delusional thoughts of persecution or of a grandiose nature
=believing in things that other people usually don`t believe

Disorganized type
Disorders thinking - starts thinking and taliking about totally unrelated things
Incoherence (not understandable)
Regressive behavior
Flat affect
hearing, seeing, or feeling things that are not there.  For example, I hear cursing in my head pretty often)
Inappropriate laughter
Repetitive mannerisms
Social withdrawal
Residual type
Prominent symptoms of the illness have abated, but some features - such as hallucinations and flat affect(no emotions appearance)
- may remain
Undifferentiated type
Patient may have symptoms of more than one subtype of schizophrenia.


    The major drug treatment used to be focus on dopamine balance.  The newer treatment is based on a knowledge about misfunctioning of glutamate.  The disease is still remained with a lot of mystery.  PCP (phencylidine) which is also known as angel dust supposed to help controling the disease.   It is a manifestation drug that reduce its symptoms of negative and cognitive and, positive.
    Risperdal is the medication that I am using right now.  It is antipsychosis drug.  Some of side effects are; make you sleepy, impair your thoughts or reactions. 
    It is used for schizophrenia, manic depression, and autistic children to treat symptoms of irritability.


Subject and object
changing the meaning of object

    It is more comfortable to be have subject identity for myself than object identity.  It is hard to figure out who I am because I get confused with my voices in my head.  I want to accept every character of myself.  I want to have a true identity of myself that I desire to be.
    Objects often have some hidden meanings to schizophrenia patients.  Useless things for other people such as news items, pictures, and letters can have some messages for schizophrnea patients.  For example, I have cursing in my head, and repeat certain words that I never even thought I would use.    Orange, snakes,  elephant, zibra, building, and  flowers upsets me sometimes.  Some words such as offering, sex, niger, beauty and nasty, teacher, peanus, falling, like and hate, interesting, I don`t care, and kids makes split meaning to me.  It keeps poping in my head as if it makes me out of control.  I hardly ever think myself as aggressive.  I never hate anybody.  Aggressive words that my brain repeats makes me sad, but it needs to be explained more. 
    Those words often pops out in some specific situation.  For example, when I appreciate for something, I often saying "thank you," but in my head it is saying "nasty" or "I don`t care".
    I realize myself profiling very often.  I expect people`s sentences before they finish what they are going to say.  I get confused whose voice it is.  I repeat myself and others, then I say"Is this my voice or others?"  I sometimes hear a dog is talking like a kid.  I feel like I am overwhelmed by sensing too many things, and I feel like I am falling sensing what is there.  I feel like I am blind even tough I get hallucination.
    I have many scars that I don`t even know how and when I got them.  I can`t explain good enough how I got this disease since there are too many possibilities of the disease` causes.  I am afraid of my voice and thought of myself and everything that I feel.  I feel, think, and speask in a way that I am feeling different and opposite than I normally do.   I am drawn into the deep sea of scar and fear that my imagination has created.  A movie "Danny Wako" tells a story that a boy was just paranoid during his jorney.  Many people around me says that my decision making is based on everybody`s consense.  My mind spread all over.  Many people got involved with my disease.  I hope I can solve my problem with a saller circumstances.  Creating more joyful things with a good influence.