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you aree blind
Sean Fridman and Marie Simon

Problem: To develop a non-electronic system of communication able to clearly send messages a distance of 600 ft.

Solution: My partner, Marie Simon, and I, conceived a system of communication using smaller pieces of information (represented by colored balloons) tiered into stacks of three, to communicate a complete message.

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Here is a visual map of our communication system. Click image for full size version

Our communication system worked by sending three balloons in the air, one after another, with slight pauses in between. Each balloon release had one of three possible pieces of information stored within it, decided depending on the color of that balloon: red, blue, or green. The pieces of information worked up to a final piece of information, and at the release of the third balloon, the message would be completed.

For example, if a green balloon was sent up first, I would know the message was of a “good” variety. Then, if the second balloon was blue, I would know the message concerned “humanity”. Finally, if the third balloon was red, I would know a “new ruler was elected”.

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