Communication Project: Sign Signals

The paddles that changed the world...happy face!

This is a page dedicated to a form of communication using signs, similar to those used in aircraft carriers and other such long-range communication systems.

The purpose of this system was to provide a quick and easily readable system from a distance beyond the range of human hearing, using an alphabetical system that could relay any conceivable message, using both letters and numbers.

This is the translation cipher I used for relating the symbols into both letters and numbers. This is given to the reciever, as well as the sender. There were some difficulties with some of the letters, which was expected, but unfortunately, unfixable at the time. Due to the operational range, there was bound to be some difficulty in properly rendering and recognizing the symbols.
Me, preparing to deliver the next part of the message, "ALL WAVE," using the cipher. As it was the first test run, it took some getting used to.

The "W" letter, displayed symbolically. A passing (assumed) professor takes an interest. Complex symbols like this can be easily mistaken for similar symbols, and like easier symbols like 'V,' can be easily misinterpreted.

A "V" being displayed near the end of the test. A fairly easy symbol, which can be more easily recognized at range, unlike other, more complex symbols.

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