Blue Lambs Among the Red Wolves

Joseph Hex, a hateful, conservative, religious man from California who hates homosexuals, immigrants, women, and anyone who thinks rationally about any situation. Joseph Hex joined the message board Free Republic in order to be among people who shared his views, and to add his two cents to the conversations present there. Therefore, Joseph Hex created an account, "hexpack." He joined this cloistered society, observed, and took part in their hate. Joseph, who we will now call 'Joe-6-pack,' or Joe, does not exist. He is a figment of an imagination of a lone creator.

A file photo of Mr.
Hex, if he would
have existed, unwashed,
angry, and unlikely to
be aware he is on camera.

This Joe, a figment of my imagination, was sent into to attempt to draw out the insidiousness that brewed within it. What he instead found could be discribed in one of two ways: a place where hate and evil are so rife, that his comments were not considered 'out of place;' or, that, being a new individual into the cloister, his presence went unnoticed. However, I am more inclined to believe that, even though his statements were out of bounds on many accounts, no one seemed to correct him, and therefore speaks to the true character of Free Republic.

Take a look at the topics which Joe took a vested interest in, see what he saw, and come, hopefully, to the same comclusions he did.

This was in a discussion about a woman leaving her baby outside a church, and who was then charged for abandonment of a dependant person. Though this time I would side with the law, Joe had a few words to say...:

Here , Joe takes part in a discussion involving illigal imigrants. Though personally, I am more a fan of legal immigrants, being decended from those who were forced to take literacy tests to even step foot in this country, I am not as far gone as Joe.

Finally, there is this discussion about the construction of a 'gay-only' school in Chicago, meant to be an alternative to High Schools where homosexuals are picked on and tormented by classmates. The usuals of the website did not take too kindly to the idea, and Joe seems to be as far out of bounds as he would get. Even I grew concerned when no one seemed to take notice.

Do I believe Mr. Hex made an impact on Free Republic? No. In this regard, I failed, and his existance went unnoticed and unrecognized, and none will know he ever existed. However, as I have said, though I did not walk away with my desired treasure, I did walk away with lessons learned and wisdom of my opponents in society. It is said that silence speaks louder than words. I do believe this is one of those times, where the rants of Joe were allowed to exist in equallity. A terrible truth, but an insightful look into out society.