MARIE-RETNO SIMON                 in Mixed Media Time Based Performance Art Project Proposal for


Marie-Retno Simon is an artist of Mixed Media Time Based Arts. In this project I will present a mixed media arts of collaboration of fusion music of traditional of Balinese, Philipine, and other Asian counties's music, mixed it with hip hop, jazz, rock, and other western music, to back the performance arts of a colossal traditional epic story of dancing, which is a contemporary dancing that derives from traditional dancing.
I'm planning to use about 50 - 100 dancers.
So in this proposal I'm going to do reasearch on the epic story of Ramayana, a story from Hindu cuture in India, I will take the part where the twin King Monkeys were fighting over a Queen. One brother dies as the result of the fighting, and I will make it that he will be lifted up in a small round stage with the power of hydraulic machine, so I have to do some reasearch on the hydraulic machine, too. And also I will try to mix, doing synthesizing on the fusinon of music myslf first, just to get an idea, later on I have to hire a music professional to help me with that.
For this project, I have to apply for seceral grants to make it into reality; therefore it is a long time project. I also would like to make it for my future thesis, should I be accepted into any MFA program.

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