Written & designed by: Marie-Retno Simon

Balloons Comm by Group Marie & Sean

Low Tech experiment

by Marie Simon and Sean Fridman

We created a non letter based Low Tech communication system
by using colored helium balloons.
And why did we choose balloons as the medium?
It's because the helium balloons will go up in the air,
enabling people to see them clearly up in the sky,
and even further than the required 600 yards in distance.



                                             Accuracy:      The receiver was able to see the balloons clearly, and understood the messages.

                                            Redundancy:    Creating a chart of 30 messages and pumping helium balloons, but nothing built in.

                                             Noise:    There was zero noise, therefore, it's designed to have a guard on duty 24/7.

                                             Speed:    The message was sent quickly with no trouble at all.

                                             Efficiency:    Okay.

                                             Saliance:    It's best if the balloons were made of heavy duty mylar material, so they could stand the hurricane and storms.
                                                               The worst thing about it was that they were taking too much space.

                                             Elegance and Aesthetic appeal:    I think they are pretty to look at and fun to play with.

                       Conclusion: Even though the Low Tech helium balloons communication is not really practical, but it's efficient enough in the case if the high tech communication is down.