Deviant Art is a social networking website used by artists and writers (both amateur and professional) to easily show off their creative works to an audience through the internet. I made a profile using the persona of a little eight year old girl named Sally McGillis. I then put up in Lil' Sally's gallery crude artworks with disturbing subject matter using mediums generally associated with children such as Crayola markers and MS Paint.

I was curious to see how people would react to a gallery of demented images produced by a seemingly innocent little girl.

Adventures In Social Networking

Days after I had created a profile, it was deleted by the website.  They stated that I had violated their terms of service.  I had a semi-sexually graphic image of a cartoon penis.  I failed to warn viewersof the maturecontent.

I then started a new one with the same concept just this time sans cartoon penis image.  I tried to add as many friends as i can get but, I guess no one wants to be friends with an 8 year old.


I recieved mixed results.  I did not get any comments  in  my profile or in any of the images.  I plan to add more images until someone finally comments on at least one of them, since that seems to be the best way to get people's attention.  I am also going to try to "advertise" my site on other sites.

Images and Links