Low Tech Communication Assignment

The Assignment

The goal for this assignment was to develop a system in which two people could communicate to each other standing 600 feet from each other. Partners had to communicate to one another either a system of exchanging the alphabet or emergency phrases. The catch was that we couldn't just yell each other and that electronic devices were not allowed.

The System #1 (balloons)

Anni (my partner) and I decided to develop a system that would be based on the alphabet. We would display a letter on 26 total balloons, one for each letter of the alphabet. Those balloons would then be tied to a pole on the ground. The communicator would then tug on a ballon signalling its respective letter. This idea was later scrapped as we both realized that the weather would have a strong influnence on the system, as the wind would be tugging on all the ballons perhaps even tangling the string.

The System #2 (stringed letters)

The second system we developed was very similar to the first. This time, instead of using balloons, we would hang paper with the alphabet printed on it from the library balcony. The communicator would then pull on the strings attached to the paper signalling their respective letter. The paper sheets would be weighted down with coins.

When we got to the test site, we realized that there was no balcony to hang the letters off of, leading into the final system.

The Final System

The final system we used called for the communicator to simply hold up the letters in the air. The receiver would then use a camera as a substitute for binoculars.

The Results

I as the reciever of the information had difficulty, reading the letters. I was too far away, and the wind didn't help either. The camera also didn't work. I could not get the lens focused, and i had better luck with my naked eye... barely. I wouldn't say it was a total failure, however, I am sure someone with better eyesight can easily decipher the bold blac capital letters.