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A Failed Social computing Intervention

By Emily Davis

I decided do an intervention on Myspace, the social network "for friends". I wanted to create a fake profile and pretend to be a fictitious character to explore the webs ability to be anonymous. I also wanted to become a political figure trying to use the space as a platform for furthering their carrier.

Captain Jean Luc Picard

from the famous TV show Star Trek seemed to be the best canidate to me.


I used photoshop to manipulate photos so they seemed to be Picard propaganda.



picard and riker picard with a baby


Why I chose Myspace:


Wikipedia says: "MySpace is a popular social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for teenagers and adults internationally. Its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California, USA,[1] where it shares an office building with its immediate owner, Fox Interactive Media; which is owned by News Corporation, which has its headquarters in New York City. In June 2006, MySpace was the most popular social networking site in the United States.[2] According to comScore, MySpace has been overtaken by main competitor Facebook in April 2008, based on monthly unique visitors.[3] The company employs 300 staff[4] and does not disclose revenues or profits separately from News Corporation. The 100 millionth account was created on August 6, 2006[5] in the Netherlands[6] and the site counted approximately 106 million accounts on September 8, 2006,[7]. MySpace.com attracts 230,000 new users per day.[8]


Political Myspace

Wiki also states: "Many hopeful 2008 presidential candidates have set up MySpace profiles, presumably in an effort to snare younger voters. Most profiles feature photos, blogs, videos, and ways for viewers to get involved with campaigning. MySpace features these politicians' profiles on its front page in the "Cool New People" section, on what appears to be a random rotation.
Many political organizations have created MySpace accounts to keep in touch with and expand their membership base. These range fromlarger oizations like Greenpeace and the ACLU to smaller locally focused environmentalist groups and Food Not Bombs activists".

Criticisms of Myspace:

"Dave Itzkoff, in the June 2006 Playboy magazine, related his experiences of experimentation with membership in MySpace. Among his other criticisms, one pertains to the distance afforded by the Internet that emboldens members, such as females who feature photos of themselves in scant clothing on their profile pages or behave in ways they would not in person, and he indicated that this duplicity undercuts the central design of MySpace, namely, to bring people together. Itzkoff also referenced the addictive, time-consuming nature of the site, mentioning that the Playboy Playmate and MySpace member Julie McCullough, who was the first to respond to his add-friend request, pointedly referred to the site as "cybercrack".

Itzkoff argued that MySpace gives many people access to a member’s life, without giving the time needed to maintain such relationships and that such relationships do not possess the depth of in-person relationships".

My hope for this project is to gather friends on myspace and see how people interact differently with me as a fictitious person rather than myself.


I think this picture sums up the results of my social intervention.

I think the humorous nature of my choice of candidate was the reason why no one really added me as a friend or even tried to participate. I knew it was not serious and other people knew it too, but i was hopping to find a group of people who took it seriously enough to participate in backing up Picard even as a joke. I saw this attempt as a commentary on politics today: That I would rather back up and support a fictitious character than a real candidate speaks to the apathy I thought people still had towards the presidency. I think this would have worked with past elections with both options being complete puppets, but with Barack Obama as a candidate people actually had hope and were more interested in supporting a REAL candidate.I guess people were so serious they had no time for Picard.

My friend Valerie was really the only person who payed much attention: