What Else COULD You Be Doing?

What Else SHOULD You Be Doing?

The internet has brought us many amazing things. It has allowed the world to communicate in amazing new ways. The invention of the internet has created entirely new ways to communicate, express, and shop. It has created new markets. It has created new ways to research the world around us.

Our brave new digital world has the potential to entertain, inform, or, in these days - infotain - endlessly. As we are offered more and more distractions, our productivity is decreasing. Although it's healthy to take a break and let one's mind relax, the internet allows us to divulge in any curiosity and, at times, indulge in whichever groupthink we prefer.

It has created entirely new ways to waste time.

Reddit.com is one example of a social news/media site, with a community-based collaborative filtering system. Users post any interesting URL, and the community votes the link up or down, according to popularity. There is also a "karma" system in place, which keeps Reddit from having too many problems with spam or a "groupthink" feeling. In addition to posting URLs, users may post comments to the URLS, or begin a new thread without an outside link.

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Reddit has many dedicated users, and many have admitted to spending hours on the site, or feel compelled to check it frequently throughout the day. Although it is fascinating to be "plugged in" to the globe, it's distracting, and can get in the way of a person's interaction with the real world.

For an exercise is social intervention, I would like to begin new threads on Reddit with the questions, "What else could you be doing?" and "What else should you be doing?"

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Reddit Comments

I'm hoping this will cause users to think about their immediate environment and check back into the real world for a moment. I'm also curious as to the users' reactions to the questions. I'm curious if they'll take it seriously... or just ignore it.

Curious About the Results?