"By 1981 they declared that disco was dead and there were no more up-tempo dance records.  That’s when I realized I had to start changing things to keep feeding my dance floor."

                    Frankie Knuckles “Godfather” of House music


110 - 140 bpm

Time Signature



Four-to-the-Floor Kick drum on every downbeat.
16th note Closed Hi-Hat with an Open Hi-Hat on every off beat eighth note.
Snares and/or Claps on the 2nd and 4th beats.
Melodic at times with Vocals.
More harmonic activity – chord progressions, melodic phrases.


Early 1980’s (after the demise of Disco)
Chicago: Frankie Knuckles(DJ): The Warehouse (the term ‘House’ music came from this club)
Ron Hardy (DJ): the Music Box



Disco, Funk, Electro