I was going to collect eating scenes through web cam broadcasting web site.
I wanted other people to participate this project and collect other people 's eating scenes, too.
I wanted other people to sign in my account and record their eating scenes in my account.
Therefore, I posted information about this event on Mixi, which is Japanese social computing site, and craiglist.
And I made 2 instruction web pages that link from the broadcasting page.
mixi    craiglist    demo


No One Joined the event.
I could not even broadcast and record myself very well. Since my computer was too slow to deal with fast web cam movie, the computer gets clashed when I was broadcasting and recording.
I got e-mails for some people tried to broadcast, and they encountered same problem.
Since I did not have enough time to announce others, and did not know how practical the web site was, it did not turn out anything special.
I think I will continue to see for a while.

Watch live video from MOGMOG_channel on

ART511 Assignment 4: Web Camera Experiment