Body Gesture Communication

Assignment 1: Low Tech Communication Technology

"Are you ready?"

The assignment was to develop a communication technology to sending messages at a distance of 600 feet without using electronic components.
The communication technology could be made on alphabetical system or non-letter based system.


My partner, Arash and I decided to use non-letter based system.
Our massages were based on feeling vocabulary.
We chose our body to make signs as gesture without using any tools except binoculars.
We wanted he body signs and the vocabulary to be simple and clear.

"Tired :("

"10 main signs"

First, we made about 30 body signs.
Then, excluded the gestures that would be confusing.
Also, we made a sign of " wanna meet?" other than feeling message and, responding body signs "yes" and "no".
So, 10 of the body signs were chosen to be performed.


The binoculars worked very well to see hand directions.
The simpleness of the sign made receiver quickly understand what the sing was becasue there was no sing that is symmetry and confusing to recognize.
Also, response signs worked to sender to see if receiver get a sign.

"Wanna meat?"

2008, Art511: Tele Communication