Back in the 1980s, a public-access television channel in New York City aired Stairway to Stardom, an amateur talent show many see as a low-rent precursor to American Idol. Collected here is the bulk of the remaining footage to that show. Stairway to Stardom is a relic; a window into a time period when publicly-available broadcasting was exciting and new. Because of this, many of the performers you will see here are enchanted by the possibility that their appearance on Stairway to Stardom will launch their ascent into fame.

Almost all of them are hilariously bad.

All The King's Men

Glenn Athiat

Michael Daniel Baez


BJ the Messenger

Jerry Callahan

Paul Canow

Bobby Carter

Lucille Cataldo

Mark Conner

Don Costello

Yvonne Cummings


Evie Day

Michael Fobes

Judson Fountain

Hal Green

Rich Halke

Eileen Heyman

Horowitz and Spector

Gloria Huddle

Bob Johnson

Jennifer Jorgenson

Cheryl Klein

April Lauren

Melissa Ann Ledwon

Raymond Lucky

Earl Lewis & The Channels

Joey Marlowe

Louise Mascia

Frank Masi

The Mission

The Mellowettes

The Obsessions

Lola Perazzo

Joe Refano

Wayne Rubin

Tony Sanchez

Bevin Scott

Jimmy Schwatzman


Michelle Sutlovich

Precious Taft

Giuseppe Taormina

Toni Marie Terrano

Richie Triolo

Al Villa

Mike Weiss