Low Tech Communication System Project
A system of communication that looks like and is about as useful as Lucky Charms cereal.

Once upon a time there was a Conceptual Information Arts class that made socially relevant projects out of balloons, nerf balls, and cardboard. This is their story.

Rob and Alex devised a binary, symbol-based communication system for the project. Each symbol has relates to two distinct messages: a prefix statement and a suffix statement. The communicating party holds up one symbol to display the prefacing statement, and a second symbol to display the suffacing statement.

Decoding Key
Symbol Prefacing Statement Meaning Suffacing Statement Meaning
Circle I Need Food
Square Give Water
Triangle I Have Beer
X Meet at (the) Bees
I Love CIA Classes
Diamond I Want Money
Spade Danger! Home
Club I Hate BART
Moon Wait for Sleep
Cross Help! Unicorns