A Bunny Tags Everything

Flickr is a popular image-hosting service in which users will upload images from their hard drives in order to share their photographs with others. Using a system of tags, Flickr allows users to search through all of its hosted images.

I feel that Sites that feature tag-based browsing such as Flickr, Wikipedia, Livejournal, and others reinforce a frenetic, high-speed and overwhelming style of information intake that is based off of mental distraction. Therefore, in A Bunny Tags Everything, it is my proposed goal to force an awareness of said distraction.

By uploading a single image (in this case, a rabbit) multiple times under many, many different tags, said image will begin to appear in various unrelated image searches. At first seemingly innocuous (and totally adorable,) the image interrupts more and more searches until the user is forced to question both its repeated presence and his or her own attraction to it.


After uploading over 50 images of the japanese rabbit, I waited. Views slowly began to trickle in, but those who found the images of the rabbit in their searches were not compelled to comment. Eventually, comments did begin to occur - but were the exact opposite of what i was hoping!

For A Bunny Tags Everything or a similar piece to succeed as intervention art, several things need to be taken into account:

1) Time. The amount of time alloted for this project leaves many factors in regards to the viral nature of this piece in question. For results to be conclusive, more time needs to be spent.

2) Quantity. 50 images is not nearly enough to dent Flickr's enormous database of photographs.

3) Subtlety. I now feel that subtlety is not a valuable asset for this particular project. Should I continue, the content will need to lose its innocuous qualities and aim to shock the viewer instead.