Digital Murals are your friend!
                 THE IDEA

                   After contemporary art history class at San Francisco State University taught by Professor Jennifer McCabe I became interested in the projecting digital images as art murals and performance works. In San Francisco one gallery that has made this a signature project is Galeria de la Raza in the Mission. Digital Murals are quintessential post postmodern art forms, encompassing historical values, escaping public work ordinances and it serves as an eco friendly medium.  Digital Murals are delightful and would be great for both artist, dealer and consumer.  The artist could project the mural any where that was blank, or on walls that were already painted (that would produce a neat layer effect). What about a digital mural over a de kooing at the SFMOMA? 
                THE MATERIALS

                 To construct a Digital Mural all an artist needs is a blank wall, projector, and a webpage or Digital Murals remove paint (oil, acrylic and spray) and the material needed to remove or conserve the artwork. 


                UCLA is one of the formost experts (as of today) to have a digital mural lab.  To find information on that lab and what it has to offer click here: UCLA
                For My Muse Check Out: Galeria de al Raza

                To see the class I took that taught about Digital Arts: CIA

                And, to see my favorite two artists from Galeria de la Raza in a flashing banner check this link out: Flashing Banner

   Okay, hope all y'all artist found this interesting.  I am going back to pictures in books and dead people!