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In the last five years fixed gear bikes have become a national phenomenon. A fixed-gear bicycle or fixed wheel bicycle, is any bicycle without a freewheel and usually only one gear ratio. The sprocket is screwed directly on to the hub without a freewheel mechanism. A reverse-thread lockring is usually fitted to prevent the sprocket from unscrewing. Because there is no freewheel mechanism, fixed gear bicycles cannot coast. Whenever the rear wheel is turning, the pedals turn in the same direction. By resisting the forward motion of the pedals, a rider is able to slow the bike to a stop, without the aid of a brake. They can also be ridden in reverse, although the forward-oriented geometry of any bicycle makes this more of a stunt than a practical technique.

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In San Francisco and other metropolitan areas fixed gear bikes have become synonymous with counter culture. They have, in certain demographics, become so popular that they have lost their practical function regressing into a mere fashion accessory. Fixed Gear Fashion is an intervention project that intends to make fun of fixed gear bike hipsters. To do this I created a mock Velospace profile using a 'Little Mermaid' kids bike. I incorporated a few details in the 'Notes' section that stereotype fixed gear riders. Velospace is a very ideal forum for this intervention because Velospace, is basically... a 'Myspace' profile for your bike?

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I don't feel I've had the profile up long enough to gauge results. A few fixed gear bikes have added the bike as a friend and one has left a comment. I also have left the profile relatively static. I am interested to find out what results I would get if I were to go out and start commenting on other bike profiles. Someday.

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