Primary Color Code

The Primary Color Code (PCC) project, is a project intended to display the effectiveness of communication over distance without using modern technology. It incorporates the use of letters indicated as color patterns intended to provide a signal viewable from a distance and create a means of low tech communication. A sender uses three primary colored balloons to relay a signal to a receiver over a distance of at least six hundred feet. The receiver then uses the following code to decipher the message.
  • A- RRR
  • B- RRB
  • C- RRY
  • D- RBR
  • E- RYR
  • F- RBB
  • G- RYY
  • H- RBY
  • I- RYB
  • J- BBB
  • K- BBR
  • L- BBY
  • M- BRB
  • N- BYB
  • O- BRR
  • P- BYY
  • Q- BYR
  • R- BRY
  • S- YYY
  • T- YYB
  • U- YYR
  • V- YBY
  • W- YRY
  • X- YRR
  • Y-YBB
  • Z- YBR
  • BLACK- End Sentence
  • WHITE- Space

PCC letter based code is sent in sequences of three with signified breaks between each letter. Once complete, the receiver uses the code to decipher the message.

The receiver, if properly equipped, could then signal having received the message or send an entirely different response message.