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Human cultures developed distance communication technologies long before the current electronic era. Examples include drums, fire, smoke, mirrors, flags, etc. Many of the same issues important in the analysis of electronic communication can be seen in prior technologies. Furthermore, exploration of these non-electronic technologies can yield insights for artists seeking to work with and understand communications technologies. So in this project every group had to do a low tech communication between the library and the gymnasium of the SFSU.


The System is just based on four different colours and different directions. With this tools the sender can use as many different combinations to send the hole alphabet, all numbers from 1 to 9 and also some special characters like SPACE or END. Another thing is, that the sender can hold all the four colours in two hands, he just has to change the sides of the papers (see picture 2), so red and green are the two colours on the right hand side and purple and yellow are those on the left hand side.


When a messages needs to be send, mostly a word or a sentence, the sender has to pick the combination of every letter or number, he can look this up on a special table, which is showing all the different cominations (see picture 1). So he needs to put the right colour in the right direction. The receiver, standing on the other side of the field, has to look at this combination and figure out which message it was, so he also has to have the same lookup table. After he got the right message, the receiver shows it with his hands up to the right side, if he didn't get it, he can send a repeat message with his hands down to the right.


Both Sender and Receiver had no bigger problems with this communication system. On the side of the sender, it just took a little bit time to figure out, which colour on which position is needed to send the right message. Also the strong wind was a little bit bothersome for holding a position over a long period. On the side of the receiver it could only be a little bit hard to differ between two nearby positions of the colours. The test message in the presentation arrived correctly.
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