What is Live Leak?
Live Leak is a news and entertainment based web that is similar to Youtube. They pride themselves in breaking news stories coming from regular citizens such as ourselves. Most of the site consits of video but pictures and other types of media are also accepted. The categories include current events such as the war in Iraq, breaking news stories, and celebrity gossip.

My Project:
For my project I chose to post photos to Live Leak claiming that I caught a celebrity urinating in a parking garage. The reason I chose this subject is to poke fun at the world of celebrities and the paparazzi. I could never understand why Americans are so obsessed with celebrities and what they do in their spare time. The celebrity I chose to impersonate is Jason Schwartzman. If you do not know who Jason Schwartzman is, he is an actor who has been in such films as, Wes Anderson's, The Darjeeling Limited and has also starred in such classics as Rushmore and I Heart Huckabees.

The Process:

For my project I chose to use my roommate Russ as the celebrity impersonator. Russ is not only similar in appearance to Jason Schwartzman but also was a willing and eager participant. Russ and I chose a near by parking garage and used this as our setting. Next we cut a small hole in a water bottle to use for the urination process. Russ was going to really urinate but it got really weird and uncomfortable for the both of us so we decided to use a water bottle instead.