Low Tech Communication

Our project used colored and numbered signs in order to send messegaes
from sender to receiver. We did this by using 5 different colored squares
and signs numbered 1-6. The sender would hold up one of the five colored
squares and one of the six numbered signs next to it. For example if the
sender held up a Green square and the sign numbered six the reciever would
look at Green Six and know exactly what the sender is trying to say. This
dded up to 30 messages in all.


1 Let's get a beer
2 What's going on this weekend
3 Where's the party at
4 Let's kick it
5 Let's go to the pub
6 Let's go to the bar


1 Let's cut class
2 Steve is the coolest
3 Let's hang out after class
4 This class kicks ass
5 We deserve an A+
6 I wonder what grade we're going to get


1 Let's get a buritto
2 Let's get a slice
3 You owe me 3.00 for materials
4 Do you work today
5 You should call in sick
6 Let's go to the beach


1 This assignment is hard
2 I want to use my cell phone
3 Low tech communication is primitive
4 How did people live without cell phones
5 Let's grab a snack after this
6 I need coffee


1 Let's go see a movie
2 Want to go downtown
3 I hate BART
4 I hate MUNI
5 The food on campus is horrible
6 Let's take a break after this