Low Tech Communication--Giving Shape and Color to Language
When developing our new low tech form of communication we had to take a great deal into consideration.

We strived to develop a form of communication that was as simplified as possible.

Initially we did not want to create an alphabet because it would take too long, considering the fact that we would have 26 letters to accomodate.

We thought of using sound to communicate---a sort of loud clap caused by banging two objects together.

This meant that we would have to devise a numerical system to accompany the sound.

Two loud claps would account for the letter A or something of that nature.

The problem with this type of communication is that when noise pollution is a factor, the receiver of the message may get it wrong.

We decided to use something that was devoid of sound but utilized color and shape.

Hence, we devised a new low tech form of communication using colored balloons.

The color codes for each letter are as follows:

  • A---RRR
  • B---RRB
  • C---RRY
  • D---RBR
  • E---RYR
  • F---RBB
  • G---RYY
  • H---RBY
  • I---RYB
  • J---BBB
  • K---BBR
  • L---BBY
  • M---BRB
  • N---BYB
  • O---BRR
  • P---BYY
  • Q---BYR
  • R---BRY
  • S---YYY
  • T---YYB
  • U---YYR
  • V---YBY
  • W---YRY
  • X---YRR
  • Y---YBB
  • Z---YBR