Emergency Blood Type Research

"City Wide Project  company"

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               Our company produce the oppotunity of emergency blood type immiditry. We have a high technology  system  to find the essential blood  for hospitals.  The system is a city wide blood research system. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to find nessesay blood types.  Then you (Hospital) can pick some of them from public people. The information of blood show you the blood type, age, place,  and the contact information.  If the person was avaible, we sent emergency car to the person to go the nearest hospital. Our company produce the system  to many cities such as San Francisco, New York,  Los Angels, and Cicago.



Emergency Research                       Type A            Type B          Type O     Type AB

*Emergency Research system is to find blood type in 5 minutes. you can research any blood type from your hospital.  


Standard Research                   Type A            Type B          Type O     Type AB

* Standard Research is to find any blood types in 10 to 15 minutes.

City                                      San Francisco                                          New York                                        Los Angels             

* you can choose only a big city. This blood type research system is avaible in only big city.
  Example of SF MAP
                                                                                             sf mapssf maps


Immediate Blood Right Now!!         Type A  20% in  San Francisco's hospital.......