I Hate Grandlords

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I would like to address and expose problems pertaining to the real estate market in the United States. The real estate market is out of control, with skyrocketing property values and interest rates. The average person can no longer afford to buy a house. They are essentially excluded from participating in the "American Dream." Exacerbating the problem are "grandlords," whom I define as landlords who own multiple multimillion dollar properties. In a nutshell, these grandlords have made it impossible for renters to become home owners. The greedy, unethical practices of these grandlords have been tolerated simply because grandlords have control of the market. With this website, I would like to offer a forum in which people can say "oh yeah, well fuck you! I am now a home owner despite your efforts."

When people submit their grievance, they are "purchasing real estate" on the website. The "property" that they purchase will be a 10 pixel X 10 pixel plot of the image of the house on the main page of the website. That is how they become "home owners". The "property" that they "own" will serve as the link to their grievance page, which will expose their grandlord for the shit s/he is.

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