Colors and Numbers

We have created a pool of 30 messages. Each message is assigned a number between 1 to 30. The communication system consists of 3 colored balloons to transmit the message and 2 colored balloons to transmit a beginning and end signal.

Each of the 3 colored message ballons will be assigned a number as follows:
Blue = 1
Red = 5
Green = 10

Each of the 2 colored signal balloons will be assigned a signal as follows: If the sender raises the balloons: White = begin message Black - end message

If the receiver raises the balloons: Black = message received White = repeat message

To send a message, the sender will raise the balloons (one at a time) needed to convey the intended message number. The receiver would then match the message number to the message using the code sheet.

For Example:
Send message "Take off your shoes"
Raise balloons in the following sequence: White - Red - Blue - Blue -Black
The message balloons correspond to 5, 1, 1, which adds up to 7.
According to the code sheet, message number 7 is "Take off your shoes."
The receiver would then raise his black balloon to convey that the message was received.