a link to a fantasy story of  Mr Love Love and Ms Rum Lamb

Story telling on the craigs list

by Kyoko Shinjo

For this assignment, I changed my plan many times.

First, tried to Prank Call my friend or school. But I didn't know how to record the conversation.

So I decided to go to the San Francisco zoo at night. I've always wondered what animals are doing at zoo at night.

I tried to get a permission from the zoo for the project, but I couldn't success on it. (later, I found out that you can camp at the zoo over night).

Then I took some photos of water and light around me, and put up on the flickr. But you can do the same thing without using the internet.

So I add a story according to the photo, and put it on the craigs list. I just made the first part. I asked people to add the rest of the story. This is the link for the craigs list. Go to the craigs list

Although there was no body continued the story, people discussed about some similar topics at the forum.
For example. I found an horror diary; Go to the horror diary A fiction novel called "desert rain"; Go to the desert rain

I want to learn how to be more creative on the craigs list so that other people won't feel like posting "please write this at somewhere else".

Here is my article. Go to the Mr love love and Rum Lamb's story