Ms. Rum Lamb’s broken hurt journey

Ms. Rum Lamb has been traveling around. 

Although she loves to have some new experience, she sometimes feels sentimental. 

Last night, she was drinking and thinking,

Sometimes, things that are forgotten are too beautiful, and hurt my heart.

She found a video of her ex-boyfriend called Mr. Love Love on the Internet.

They used to live together at San Francisco, but they haven't seen each other for a while. 

After they got broke up, Mr. Love Love had been in Costa Rica, and Ms. Rum Lamb had been in Japan.

He became such a shiny sweetie beautiful, Ms. Rum lamb thought.

She wondered if he found somebody so special who is meant to be together forever and ever already.

Ms Rum Lamb called Mr. Love Love up.

It was already 1 a.m.

"Hey, this is Love Love,"

"Hey Love Love?  This is Rum Lamb.  What's up?"

"Umm, I've been working everyday.  I'm in a forest at Sacrament right now.

I'm making a film.  How about you?  How’s a thing going?"

"Mm, not much.  I miss you,"

"Yeah, we should get together again sometimes.  How’s your new roommates?"

"They are very nice,"

"How's school going?"

 "I just finished one of my mid-term.  But I still got a lot of dues and stuff."

"Oh, how was Japan?"

"It was good.  I just made a puppet movie out of it.  But it's dead right now.

I kind of know why tough."

"Why is that?"

"Because it wasn't fun to make it.  I mean, it was kind of fun, but it wasn't a real fun.

Do you know what I mean?"

"I think I know what you mean.  My roommate is a puppet master. 

I live with a puppet master."

"Your room mate is a puppet master?  I wanna see."

“Yeah, you should definitely see him sometimes.  But, I got to go. 

I’m in a middle of making a film right now.”

“Hum, okay.  Have a fun at making your film.”

“Thanks.  You take care. Bye”



That night, Ms. Rum Lamb talked to all the people around her.

She couldn’t sleep at all.  She played an old movie while she was trying to get some sleep.

As she finally failed into sleep, she saw Mr. Love Love in her dream.

He gave her a car and saying,

“You will need it.”

She was smiling.


Next morning, Ms Rum Lamb went to the store.

“It’s a beautiful day in a neighbor hood.”

As she tried to grab a bottle of soda, she heard some small, colorful voices from those bottles. 

This is the photo of her listening the voices.