Congulatulation!  A life with weed;)3d earth with black and white

bluemoon bud with a purple head   a leaf shiney moonshiney.  stary stuey chopsuey. moonshine with roses

Strainguide-Old Time Moonshine by DJ Short legend

mutant.  super pretty as frosty and bluey

map of Shondong provance

Cannavis Stativa L at Shandong Provance
by Robert ClerK

a picture of flo.  green purpleflo

flo; there are two colors-by DJ short legend

two colors of flo as Alapahoa John Doe

a photo of how to grow weed guide case

12 steps of how to grow weed by video
red chronicle

Red Kronic by Iman-15
logo for blog magno


Some equipment for growing weed.  Cute and sweet designed.

Medical Marijuana Testimonials

marijuana helps for cancer, sclerosis multiple, aging, paing chronic,
aids & HIV, arthritis, intestinalgastro, disorder movement.  it is a testimony from many different people.



Medical Marijuana

Produced by Angela Shelley

an argiment supporting leagalizing marijuana

Medical Marijuana growing
Women's Alliance for Medical Marijuana
You can listen to some voices of mediical marijuana growers.

from the begining of planting weed

some photo diary of growing weed by a bunch of growers with different strains.

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