Low Tech Communication Assignment

Christopher Hom/Andrew Druhol

In our low- tech assignment, we used a color semir-phore systemc which consist of two 4ft. and colored constrution paper.A grid system was use as an encoder for identifying a set of communicated phrases, which could be choosen and catorogized by the users.Six colors were used: blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and pink to divide each column on the grid that was to be filled with different messages. Black and white, whcih where used as indicators for the begining and the end of a message...

  1. 4 long, light, cardboard tubes
  2. Poster board six colors that had a high contrast with each other and the background.
  3. Black and White poster board, to be used as beginning and ending indicators for each message.
  4. a grid sheet, 6x6, containing a set of phrases and responses, choosen by the users.

Both communicators would wave there poles as a start indicator, once a message was ready to be received. The wave would be repeated as conformation that the color combo used can be clearly read.

If the message unclear, then a open armed signal would be used for requesting a repeat of the message.

To conclude. The system has potentail for communicating quick and effectively, as long as the phrase used are choosen wisely by the two users. The act was of using this communication system was fun in itself.