Singing Streets

This project is a proposal for the future, aprox. year 2589, an era in which the streets would sound differently from what they sound today. Using wireless, gps and audio technology, the cars would produce music (ambient) sounds instead of usual engine noise. Each street would get specific note and as the car turns into the street it will make a sound corresponding to that street. The loudness would depend on the signal strength of the wireless connection rather than on the car accelerating. There are 12 notes in a music scale and 24 letters in alphabet, disregarding the letter X, therefore, each note will get 2 different letters. Using the audio software built into a computer of the vehicle, the melody would be produced automaticaly as the car is cruising through the streets.

Would people prefer soothing sound instead of the noisy engine of today? Did anybody asked us if we liked the sound of the engine as it sounds today?

-- [ART 511] --

Conceptual Info Arts