Shadow Over LiveJournal

a narrative experiment

the idea

As an avid reader of Lovecraft and other greats of early horror, a common stylistic choice became apparent; most early twentith/late nineteenth century horror novels are written in a first-preson perspective, often in the form of a personal journal or memoir. As such, I intended to update this style for our modern, internet-centric society. By appropriating the mechanisms of modern communication (livejournal, myspace, etc.) for the purposes of art, I hope to bridge the gap between the fictional world I create and our already largely fictional world.

the execution

I created a dummy LiveJournal account that relates the experiences of one Roman Woloszyk, a recently-graduated journalism student who returns home in the wake of his father's death and his own nervous breakdown. Through his recollection, we begin to piece together the mystery of the events surrounding the elder Woloszyk's last days, and how long-forgotten sinister events are still shaping the present.

Eventually, the project will expand to encompass multiple characters, all providing their own perspective on the unfolding events.

the background

The story is steeped heavily in HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos, a loose collection of concepts and stories the writer put together over his career. While there's few definite rules to Lovecraft's universe, a sense of alienation and cosmic indifference is pervasive in his work, and this is what I hoped to capture.

copyright 2006 Andrew Worley