Elliott Smith 1969-2003 RIP

have you heard of elliott smith? steven paul"elliott" smith was a virtuoso on the acouustic guitar, able to churn out beautiful folk melodies with gut wrenching lyrics that spoke of a life of heroin and physical abuse. elliott was one of the greatest songwriters to come into the 20th century. his catalogue stretched from basement tape confessional folk to jangly brian wilson meets george gershwin beatle pop. The closest thing to a fifth beatle you'll ever find.

In 1994 elliott released his first solo album ROMAN CANDLE, followed by a self titled album in 1995, and then EITHER/OR in 1997 the third album in his whiskey bar folk trilogy. in 1998 elliott released his first major label release, XO, much to the acclaim of the already impressed critics. In 2000 elliott released FIGURE 8, a jangly beatle pop album probably his most experimental.

unfortunately elliott's personal problems with abuse and drugs had finally caught up with him when in 2003 he was found in his apartment dead from poetically enough, a knife to the heart. A year later his family would release his swan song album, FROM A BASEMENT ON THE HILL. we'll miss you elliott.