Low Tech Communication: Morse Code + Umbrellas

To develop a long distance communication system that is capable of sending messages at a distance of 600 yards or greater without relying on any electronic components.

Larissa and Carolina

2 umbrellas
2 notepads
2 pencils
2 Morse code reference sheets

Participants will use umbrellas to generate visual Morse code as a means of communication. For the purpose of the experiment Morse code will be translated as follows:

Closed Umbrella = Dot
Open Umbrella = Dash
Inverted Umbrella = Space to signify a new letter

Materials are easily obtainable and are low in cost
Umbrellas are durable and can withstand a variety of weather conditions

Can be a very slow means of communication
High winds may cause umbrella to turn inside out

This means of communication was somewhat effective. The main problem we encountered was a need to practice beforehand to make sure that we understood what our roles were to be.