G O !                  C R E A T E !            D I S S E M I N A T E !


                        Webcam                                Webcam Driver (Macam)
                           Computer                              Webcam Program (Oculus)
                            Printer                                    FTP Program & Web space

    Set up webcam with drivers (i used macam)  and install program (i used oculus).  Set your  settings.
In my case, i set  the picture cycle to 8.   Set up a webpage with  2 colums and 4 rows, and make sure that it fits one printable page.  then turn your cam 'online' and let it run for  the 8 shots of your creative choice and within the time constraints you decided upon.   have a blast doing this.
    Realize that your camera cycles pictures in the order they come in.  thus the picture that was shot last is labeled your first shot.  (does this make sense?, ie. the first picture shot becomes xxx8.jpg, and vice versa).  
    This process is not as simple as it seems, there are issues with picture orientation as well as picture order, and it takes a lot of tweeking to get it right.  my suggestion :

< > designates the orientation of the picture, where the point indicates the top of the picture, and the numbers indicate where the first picture should be placed.  BUT! note that the first picture is labeled automatically when it is uploaded, and cycles in, such that after a cycle of 8, the first picture that is taken, becomes labeled as #8.  thus,  "8.jpg" would be in the <1 position, with the top edging the left side  of the page.
When you think it is ready, PRINT!! this is most exciting!... Cut off the edges, then fold the lines between the pictures to make a crease, and then unfold the paper.  
To get the 'booklet' look, fold the entire paper in half horizonally, and cut from the folded side, down the vertical center line, betwen your <8 & 3>/<7 & 4> pictures, and stop before you hit the bottom of your <1 & 2>/<6 & 5> pictures.   Then, unfold the sheet, and fold the entire sheet in half vertically.  grab the edges between 3&4 and 8&7 pull them outward, while pushing then edges between 8&3 and 7&4 to meet each other.   (if this doesnt makes sense, im sorry.)  exaggerate the creases, and the resulting should be a tiny booklet, your pride and joy.