G  O  !                  C  R  E  A  T  E .          D  I  S  S  E  M  I  N  A  T  E. 

the intention of this experiment is to disengage the timestaking consequence of the
traditional zine making process, and to harbor a more spontaneous space of nonsense, expression and
self representation through the medium of a webcam, a laptop, and a printer.

every minute a shot will be captured and uploaded
for a total of 8 shots (8 minutes)
each shot represents one page of an 8 page zine
and will be automatically taken in sequential order.
this order can be accepted or denied through the creator's decision of act.
hand held subtitles are recommended to convey text.
all modes of visual communication are encouraged.

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zine created with oculus, apple ibook,  sony handycam and epson printer
c/o SFSU Conceptual/Information Arts 

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